Shark Robotics partners with the French National Firefighting Federation

Shark Robotics partners with the French National Firefighting Federation

The use of high technology in rescue operations is a frequent and unavoidable necessity for firefighters. Shark Robotics, a French SME and world leader in fire-fighting robots, has just entered into a strategic partnership with the Fédération nationale de sapeurs-pompiers de France (FNSPF) to share their expertise and explore the contribution that robotics can make to improving the safety and efficiency of operations. This partnership marks the joint commitment of the FNSPF and Shark Robotics to improve the performance of civil security.


_"It is an honour for Shark Robotics to formalise today this strong relationship with the French Fire Service by signing this partnership," said Cyrille KABBARA, Chairman and CEO of Shark Robotics, adding: "This partnership is in line with the DNA of Shark Robotics and will help strengthen the effectiveness and versatility of our robots to support the fire brigade in a useful and effective way in the face of the increasing number, complexity and danger of fires.

"The mobilisation of public and private actors is essential if we are to be more effective in fighting fires and saving lives. Robotics is one of the solutions of the future to support firefighters," said Grégory ALLIONE, President of the French National Association of Firefighters."_

About Shark Robotics As a leader in ground robotics in hostile environments, Shark Robotics designs and manufactures catalogue and custom robots for the fire safety, nuclear, security & defence and space end markets. Founded in La Rochelle in 2016, Shark Robotics masters the entire robotics value chain, from hardware, software & AI to batteries for extreme environments. Its multi-mission robots – firefighting, mine clearance, and mule – are now used in more than 15 countries.

About the FNSPF

The Fédération nationale des sapeurs-pompiers de France (FNSPF) has more than 283,000 members and represents all firefighters in France, whatever their rank, status or category (young people, volunteers, professionals, veterans, military personnel, private individuals, administrative, technical and specialist personnel, etc.). 000 associations, and in coordination with the Orphelins' Eye Fund and the Sapeurs-Pompiers de France Fund (ODP) and the Mutuelle nationale des sapeurs-pompiers de France (MNSPF).

The FNSPF's main mission is to represent and defend the rights and interests of the French fire service, to promote, enhance and defend the image, skills and know-how of the French fire service, and to study all issues and legislation relating to the organisation of national defence and security, and more specifically the fire and rescue services and civil protection.

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