Shark Robotics in LEAPS

Shark Robotics in LEAPS

Shark Robotics was quoted in the US popular science magazine LEAPS. The article, entitled "Send in the Robots: A Look into the Future of Firefighting", looks at the future of firefighting in the face of climate change and the rising number of fires caused by it. The Colossus robot is quoted as a pioneering example of the robotic firefighting revolution.

"April in Paris stood still. Flames engulfed the beloved Notre Dame Cathedral as the world watched, horrified, in 2019. The worst looked inevitable when firefighters were forced to retreat from the out-of-control fire. But the Paris Fire Brigade had an ace up their sleeve: Colossus, a firefighting robot. The seemingly indestructible tank-like machine ripped through the blaze with its motorized water cannon. It was able to put out flames in places that would have been deadly for firefighters. Firefighting is entering a new era, driven by necessity. Conventional methods of managing fires have been no match for the fiercer, more expansive fires being triggered by climate change, urban sprawl, and susceptible wooded areas. Robots have been a game-changer. Inspired by Paris, the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) was the first in the U.S. to deploy a firefighting robot in 2021."

To read the full article, click here. is a not-for-profit initiative that publishes award-winning journalism, popularizes scientific progress on social media, and hosts events about innovation, ethics, and the future of humanity.

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