Shark Robotics in Bloomberg

Shark Robotics in Bloomberg

Shark Robotics was quoted by the renowned Bloomberg. Published on September 25, 2023, the article – entitled "AI, Robots and Satellite Sensors Are Helping in the Fight Against Wildfires" – highlights the essential role of technology in fighting forest fires. Alongside Pano AI and Oratec, Bloomberg features Shark Robotics.

“To reduce the risk to human firefighters, French startup Shark Robotics builds robots that can be sent to the frontlines. Connected via radio signals, human firefighters can operate Shark’s robot from up to 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) away, watching the flames using the robot’s thermal camera and using water to battle the blaze, says Cyrille Kabbara, the startup’s founder. Since the debut of Shark’s first product in 2017, more than 300 robotic firefighters have been put in service in 15 markets including France, India and Switzerland, Kabbara says.”

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